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ASUW Student Disability Commission Assistant Director 2019-2020

Student Activity Fee Student Senate Representative 2019-2020

Provost Advisory Committee for Students Member 2019-2020

Hi everyone! I am so excited to run to be your next ASUW President. I have spent the past two years in ASUW putting the needs of marginalized communities at the forefront of my work, both when serving on the Provost Advisory Committee and when striving to fundamentally alter the historically racist, classist, and ableist policies that we still see reflected in University operations today. I am a trained, driven and knowledgable advocate, with passion informed by my lived experiences as a queer, disabled woman, as well as by my role as the ASUW Student Disability Commission Assistant Director: a position through which I advocate for students with disabilities. We must fundamentally understand the power ASUW has to elevate student voices and make significant progress within this university, and I plan to use every ounce of power endowed to the ASUW President to make lasting change in the structures of this University. I will fight for the changes that I know would have drastically improved myself and my peers’ experiences at UW. 

Students deserve better, and I am ready to fight for all of us. Here's specifically how I will do so:

  • Push for increased funding and staffing for Disability Resources for Students, Disability Services Office and other disability resources on campus to end ableist exclusion of students with disabilities 

  • Work with Director of Campus Partnerships and Director of Legislative Affairs to implement an equitable opt-out health insurance plan providing more robust care for all students and especially the uninsured, underinsured, or undocumented.

  • Collaborate alongside campus healthcare experts as UW restructures student mental-health care, demanding increased access and quality of care, particularly for students without insurance 

  • Increase transparency through monthly newsletters detailing the issues I’m tackling and my successes along the way

  • Host quarterly interactive town halls, inspired by ASUW Bothell, where any interested student is given a platform to make their concerns heard and speak with ASUW leaders directly

  • Ensure the inclusion of marginalized student voices in all major University decisions, particularly when dealing with crises such as COVID 19 or adverse weather events

  • Work with all relevant stakeholders to include international student voices in all relevant University decisions and work to support any student-led International Student advocacy entity that is formed within or outside of ASUW per the recommendation of the Spring 2020 taskforce



Vice President

Hello everyone, my name is Dalton Owens and I am excited to be running for ASUW Vice President! As Vice President I plan to ensure the internal affairs and operations of ASUW reflect the voices of our diverse student body. During my time here at the University of Washington I have dedicated efforts across communities on campus, giving me the necessary experience to voice and enact the views of our student population. I have worked heavily with the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity through programs such as the Brotherhood Initiative which seeks to support the success of men of color on this campus through community building and advising. This unique experience supports my understanding of marginalized communities on our campus. Communities whose voices should be heard and addressed. I also hold experience within First Year Programs, serving as an Orientation Leader this past summer. My work with first year students helped to further develop my leadership ability, while also enhancing my perspective of student needs through the lens of students new to the University of Washington. Leadership partnered with my diverse campus experience will support my pursuit to successfully oversee the Board of Directors as Vice President. 

In an effort to ensure the voices of all students are heard and addressed in the internal affairs of ASUW I will seek out the implementation of the following agenda during my time as Vice President: 

  • Work to ensure international student inclusion within ASUW is achieved, relying on the findings of the Spring 2019 International Student Task Force 

  • Update personnel and broader ASUW policies to protect marginalized communities not represented

  • Audit all ASUW policies to ensure they reflect TriCampus non discrimination, inclusion and access policies 

  • Collaborate with the proposed Office of Inclusive Design to implement and enforce accessibility policies within the organization



Director of University Affairs


UW Tour Guide 2017-2020

Undergraduate Rep. to the Jackson School Diversity and Equity Committee 2019-2020

ASUW Student Senator 2017-2020

Chair of The General Affairs Committee of Student Senate 2018-2019

Elected Speaker of ASUW Student Senate 2019-2020

As Director of University Affairs I will prioritize accessibility to the University for students of marginalized backgrounds through the removal of systemic barriers to success. Access means not only freedom from classist, ableist, or racist policies, but initiatives demonstrating the value of students with marginalized backgrounds. In enacting my mission I will draw particularly upon experiences as elected Speaker of Student Senate leading meetings of 80+ senators, co-writing campus-minded legislation, and lobbying for implementation of senate resolutions. I promise to:

  • End the classist practice by UW faculty of requiring medical excuse notes from students to avoid penalty for an absence.

  • Transform the admissions process for capacity constrained majors and direct to college programs to ensure holistic admissions processes reviewed by third party admissions experts.

  • Expand the use of remote access through lecture capture technologies to all faculty members through funding incentives and trainings in order to increase course accessibility.

  • Change the predatory rule whereby DACA students must automatically pay out of state tuition despite their resident history unless they meet an appeals deadline.

  • Focus on combating difficulties faced by transfer students in accessing resources and adapting to campus social and academic life.

Are you a policy nut like me? Click to read my full or shortened Policy Action Plan.



Director of Campus Partnerships


Orientation Leader

FIG Leader

Dawg Daze Leader

UW Alumni Association Student Ambassador

Pakistani Students Association President 

Student Program Coordinator of Orientation - First Year Programs 

Muslim Students Association 

Hello everyone! I am honored to be running as your Director of Campus Partnerships! 

As Director of Campus Partnerships, I will work to end the continued lack of access to and trust in UW health and safety groups, intentionally elevating the perspectives of marginalized students. I have significant experience representing the voices of a variety of populations in this discussion and interfacing with UW admin through my roles as the Pakistani Students Association President, Student Program Coordinator for Orientation, active member of the Muslims Students Association, and UW Alumni Association Student Ambassador. Specifically I plan to:

  • Collaborate with JCC and legacy RSOs to give a platform to marginalized students to share their experiences and concerns with UWPD

  • Represent student voices with SHC Director during the implementation of the findings of the Mental Health and Hall Health Task Forces, particularly bringing in the perspectives of students without insurance

  • Work to make UWPD and all health organizations, including Student Health Consortium, accessible to all students, particularly international students and students with disabilities 

  • Ensure all emergency protocols for our health and safety groups include the needs of students with disabilities, commuter students, non-traditional populations, international students, and more.



Director of Diversity Efforts


UW Orientation Leader 2019-2020

OMA&D Mentor Power for Success mentor Fall 2018, 2019

Black Student Commission Intern: Student Advisory Board Liaison 2018-2019 

Hey y'all, I'm ecstatic to announce that I'm running for Director of Diversity Efforts! In this position, I aim to improve dynamic programming for underrepresented groups through more accessible opportunities and events on our campus. As a liaison, I will learn from and uplift diverse voices to ensure the empowerment of all marginalized students. My internship with the Black Student Commission as a liaison to the Student Advisory Board has informed my inclusive approach to advocate for students and support event programming. I will utilize my experiences as an OMA&D mentor and Orientation Leader to creatively use resources to increase equitable educational outcomes and promote inclusivity by educating students about diverse identities.

  • Partner with the proposed Office of Inclusive Design to increase accessibility to diversity commission (JCC) programs.

  • Include the voice of international students to inform ASUW decision-making.

  • Work with JCC entities to better reflect intersectional identities and evolving identification. 

  • Establish broader communication and collaboration across JCC entities.

  • Promote diversity in ASUW Student Senate by working with JCC, diversity organizations, and RSOs to increase representation.

  • Expand diversity course requirement and informal education surrounding identity, culture, and positionality.

  • Increase visibility of avenues for remedying discrimination and ensuring accountability.



Director of Programming

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be running as your Director of Programming! Through my time as the Curator of TEDxUofW, a highly active event-focused RSO here at UW, I have extensive experience with dynamic programming. Executing meaningful events requires expertise in funding, marketing and liaising between different groups, all through the lens of empowering marginalized voices and sharing their stories. I have dedicated myself to these principles and plan to reflect those values in the Director of Programming role through the following:

  • Work with the proposed Office of Inclusive to connect RSO’s to accessibility resources, ensuring ableist event practices do not continue on our campus 

  • Create a centralized event database for RSO’s to increase public awareness of events, including the accessibility of events 

  • Connect RSO’s and Student Senate to increase involvement and representation in Student Senate 

  • Collaborate with the SAO and RSO’s to create an infrastructure for expanded initial RSO contact and trainings upon the creation of a new RSO in fall quarter



Director of Community Relations

Hi everyone! I am so thrilled to be running to be your next Director of Community Relations! In this position, I will be a strong advocate for the marginalized students in RCSA and Greek organization groups to ensure that their voices are heard on our campus. In my role, I will continue to combat oppression in our campus communities, specifically focusing on sexual assault and its impacts within our on and off campus housing. I am uniquely qualified to tackle this through my experience as a Sexual Assault and Relationships Activist Intern as well as through my experience as current Vice President of Community Engagement for Panhellenic. Following through on these goals I will specifically work to do the following:

  • Create additional transparency measures with UWPD, SPD and the North of 45th committee for students living north of campus

  • Work with RCSA, Panhellenic and IFC to implement broad trainings on sexual assault and bystander prevention

  • Support student athletes in working for fair compensation and ensuring a complete access to education 

  • Increase outreach efforts to ensure international students within the dorm communities are introduced to and have access to ASUW

  • Ensure the accessibility of campus resources for commuter and transfer students  

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